Cine-bomber delivered a nice little fan film write-up today titled “Fan Film Inspiration Spotlight” that becomes extra special by mentioning Tatum Picture’s Indiana Jones efforts.

“I found an Indiana Jones fan film from 2010, this one from Tatum Pictures out of Rochester, NY. It’s called INDIANA JONES AND THE SECRET OF THE APALACHEE. I’ll say this, of the completed Indiana Jones fan films I have personally seen, this one stands head-and-shoulders above the rest. The director, B. Anthony Gibson, is a legit film maker. And the acting is surprisingly good. What I most love in this underfunded gem is the attention to detail by its two top players, namely director Gibson and his star, Rick Staropoli as the titular archeologist.

Indiana Jones geeks will be tickled time and again by Gibson’s winks to the audience (my favorite moment is Indy’s 2-thug punch out, complete with Wilhelm Scream, a sound effect present somewhere in all 4 Indiana Jones movies.)

At times, from certain angles, Staropoli does bear a resemblance to Harrison Ford. He plays Indy a few years older than Ford’s turns in the first 3 films (set in 1942 instead of the late 30’s). What’s rewarding for Indy fans is watching Rick deliver on Indy’s physicality. Not just in being to scrap and look right executing the handful of stunts, but with Indy’s subtler mannerisms. The man did his homework. The close shots of Rick’s hands handling Indy’s journal and then how he gestures to his traveling party to follow him… Yeah. Good stuff, there.

I’m excited that these guys are making a second one. Anthony says he plans to raise the bar, and I believe he’ll do it. I’ll be writing more about projects I am looking forward to, and you can be sure I’ll be keeping up with the development of the new one.”

You can read the entire Cine-bomber article here.

date15 Jun

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